• Veronique L4400 EURStorming Flame
  • Hans Andre M37000 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • Kenneth L3230 EURSteam Tower
  • Jonas M29780 SEKGonzo's Quest
  • Christoph D2958 EURJack and the Beanstalk
  • richard t2927 EURLady Luck
  • Veronique L2712 EURKing of Slots Touch
  • Hans Andre M24240 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • Veronique L2500 EURStorming Flame
  • Hans Andre M23460 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • Robert V2380 EURSecrets of Christmas
  • GEORGIOS A2160 EURTwin spin
  • BENOIT E2020 EUREggOMatic
  • Robert V1870 EURSecrets of Christmas
  • BENOIT E1696 EURWarlords Crystals of Power
  • Robert N16044 SEKWarlords Crystals of Power
  • georg M1476 EURAliens
  • BENOIT E1418 EURSecret of the Stones
  • Robert V1405 EURSecrets of Christmas
  • merete h13500 SEKTwin spin
  • Hans Andre M13120 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • Robin E13050 SEKTornado Farm Escape
  • sarah p1342 EURSteam Tower
  • Hans Andre M12800 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • Hans Andre M12750 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • BENOIT E1322 EURGuns N´Roses
  • Andreas A1296 EURDead or Alive
  • richard t1286 EUR88 Riches
  • merete h12000 SEKJackpot 6,000
  • richard t1240 EURGold Of Ra
  • merete h12000 SEKJackpot 6,000
  • anne c1215 EURTwin spin
  • Tore L1200 EURJackpot 6,000
  • Heidi V1199 EURThief
  • richard t1194 EURFortune Panda
  • Veronique L1172 EURKing of Slots Touch
  • Arturas V10709 SEKBasic Instinct
  • Håkan K10440 SEKBlood Suckers
  • Robert V1090 EURSecrets of Christmas
  • Hans Andre M10200 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • richard t1060 EURWarlords Crystals of Power
  • Hans Andre M9840 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • Olav J1012 EURCloud Tales
  • richard t1010 EURCrystal Mystery
  • Veronique L1000 EURStorming Flame
  • Veronique L1000 EURStorming Flame
  • richard t1000 EURDaVinci CodeX
  • SONNARY B945 EURStarburst
  • Veronique L936 EURKing of Slots Touch
  • BENOIT E932 EURGhost Pirates
  • georg M924 EURAliens
  • richard t905 EURAtlantis World
  • richard t900 EURLady Luck
  • richard t900 EURBurning Flame
  • Claus E900 EURFootball: Champions Cup
  • richard t891 EUR88 Riches
  • BENOIT E888 EURBoom Brothers
  • Samu O858 EURJack and the Beanstalk
  • nina R8160 SEKReel Rush
  • Toni M850 EURReel Rush
  • Andreas A850 EURDead or Alive
  • Veronique L840 EURStorming Flame
  • Robin E7780 SEKThe Invisible Man
  • Anders B802 EURTwin spin
  • Eliza E787 EURInvisible Man
  • Hans Andre M7500 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • Veronique L780 EURStorming Flame
  • Romain L779 EURStarburst
  • Per olav S770 EURSecrets of Christmas
  • merete h7472 SEK88 Riches
  • Jonas M7455 SEKGonzo's Quest
  • Katarina J7250 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • Hans Andre M7200 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • richard t747 EUR88 Riches
  • SONNARY B733 EURStarburst
  • Fredrik M713 EURThe True Sheriff
  • Kenneth L706 EURSteam Tower
  • richard t705 EURTesla
  • richard t703 EURTesla
  • richard t702 EUR88 Riches
  • SONNARY B700 EURStarburst
  • Kenneth L700 EURSteam Tower
  • Hans Andre M6600 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • Håkan K6450 SEKBlood Suckers
  • Henric S6375 SEKGonzo's Quest
  • SONNARY B665 EURStarburst
  • Veronique L660 EURStorming Flame
  • Erik P660 EURAloha Cluster Pays
  • Jennie N6408 SEKJimi Hendrix Online Slot™
  • SONNARY B650 EURStarburst
  • GEORGIOS A648 EURFantasini: Master of Mystery
  • Hans Andre M6128 SEKSecret of the Stones
  • Robert V638 EURSecrets of Christmas
  • Outi O638 EURMythic Maiden
  • Robert V636 EURSecrets of Christmas
  • Øystein R6000 SEKJackpot 6,000
  • Sondre H629 EURCharms & Clovers
  • Håkan K6000 SEKBlood Suckers
  • MIMOUNA K625 EURWarlords Crystals of Power
  • merete h6075 SEKTwin spin



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